The Tots Room is inter-linked with the Teeney Room via a carpeted ramp and provides and excellent learning environment based on creativity including sand, water, ‘art’ and mark-making activities; as well as construction and investigation areas.

The children provide the impetus for the planning through staff observations, parental input and consultation with the children themselves; and are able to choose the activities that they wish to play with. Individual achievements are monitored and tracked in order to record the overall learning and development made by each child and set targets for their ‘next steps’.

We strongly encourage working in partnership with parents and provide many opportunities to share information between nursery and home, such as the ‘Special Mentions Board’, and the daily sheet. We display our daily activities on a board in the room and a copy of the weekly menu is in the hallway. As well as our annual Parents’ evenings, parents are invited to ‘play & stay’ sessions to observe their child during activity times; and a Parents Forum which is an information sharing evening about appropriate topics such as toilet training and behavioural needs.