This is a separate, self-contained, homely area designed especially for babies to enable them to progress in a relaxed and contented environment, run by dedicated staff.

It has its own eating, play and sleeping areas; a well-equipped food preparation section; and integrated nappy-changing area within the unit.

Each child is unique and is supported by their own Key Person who liases with parents/carers each day. The staff continue to follow the individual child’s daily routine as established by the parent, who receive a daily sheet which records details of nappy changes, sleep and meal times, and activities that that child has experienced during the day.

An on-going ‘Progress File’ will be built up for your child when starting in the baby room and this will follow them throughout the various rooms and stays within the setting until they leave. Parents are free to read this file at any time and are encouraged to leave comments via the parents’/carers’ comment page.

When the babies are able to walk unaided, they begin a four weekly transition period to settle them into the toddler group which is called the Tots Group.